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Kurumada Masami
Manga Action
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Silent Knight Shou Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Kurumada Masami and was first published on Aug 4 1992. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Silent Knight Shou Manga because it has Action, Fantasy, Shounen genres.

Synopsis Silent Knight Shou Manga

A racer gang terrorizes the city, and Shou defeats them using his powers and the help from his falcon friend.

However, the gang resume their activities later.

But they're stopped by an armored T-Rex!

Silent Knight Shou. Shou is seen fighting with a gang that terrorizes the nearby city. With his powers and the help from his pet falcon Pii-tan that has been his friend since childhood, he defeat them rather quickly. When the gang become active again and drive through the city recklessly, they're forcibly stopped by a T-Rex! Nevertheless, its appearance is different from a normal T. Rex, it seems like wearing an armor.


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TitleSilent Knight Shou
AuthorKurumada Masami
Genres Action, Fantasy, Shounen,

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