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Suna No Shiro. A very young orphan boy was left on the steps of a large mansion in a quiet region of France during WWII on the same day a daughter was born to the bourgeois family living there. From that day on, Francis and Natalie grew up together, and fell deeply in love. As they began to talk about their marriage, Natalie suddenly lost her parents to an airplane crash, Leaving her aunt as her caretaker. This aunt, fiercely opposed to Natalie's devotion to a pure orphan, had pushed Natalie and Francis together to run away. Sadly they've been caught. Rather than being torn apart from each other, Natalie and Francis decide to jump off a cliff and spend eternity together. However only Natalie survives through a cruel twist of fate ... Was there just a smidge of hope that Natalie will find her love again, somehow? An extremely well-developed, emotional, Ichijo Yukari art piece.

Information About Suna No Shiro

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Cover Suna No Shiro
Comic Title Suna No Shiro
Type Manga
Genre Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy,
Author Ichijo Yukari
Status Completed
Views 196x
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