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Satonaka Machiko
Manga Drama
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Tenjou No Niji Manga is a Japanese Comic created by Satonaka Machiko and was first published on Dec 26 2019 . Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read Tenjou No Niji Manga because it has Historical, Josei, Romance genres.

Synopsis Tenjou No Niji Manga

Prince Naka-no-Ōe showed his interest in the talent and beauty of Nukata.

He offered Prince Ōama his daughter for marriage, in exchange for Nukata.

Although reluctant and heartbroken, he let go of Nukata in loyalty to his brother, however he took the throne eventually with the help of Princess Uno-Sarara, his young bride who also became the Empress Jitō.

Tenjou No Niji. Prince Naka-no-Ōe is great interest in Nukata ability and attractiveness. He give Prince Ōama his daughter for marriage, and ask Nukata in return. Prince Ōama was in a dilemma as he was loyal to his brother, but also in love with Nukata. He finally chose to let go of Nukata, to show loyalty to his brother, however sad he feels. This was the start of the long and huge series of Tenjo no Niji, where the Princess Uno-Sarara, Prince Ōama’s new wife, would become his confidante in taking the throne and making her the Empress Jitō.


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TitleTenjou No Niji
Author Satonaka Machiko
Genres Historical, Josei, Romance,

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