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Cheese Cat - Tiao Geng (Spoon)
Manhua Romance
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The Adorable Vampire Manhua is a Chinese Comic created by Cheese Cat - Tiao Geng (Spoon) and was first published on Feb 23 2018. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read The Adorable Vampire Manga because it has Fantasy, Josei, Romance genres.

Synopsis The Adorable Vampire Manhua

Unknowingly, Ye Xi, a photographer, takes a picture of a Prince Vampire and he ends up catching it.

Hopelessly, Ye Xi could only protect himself by using a magic hairpin to stab him.

Tired of being taken for murder, Ye Xi takes home the vampire.

The Adorable Vampire. Ye Xi, a writer, unknowingly captures a Prince Vampire and he ends up capturing him. Hopelessly, Ye Xi was only able to protect himself by stabbing him with a hairpin. Tired of being taken for the killer, Ye Xi takes home the vampire. Just to find the Prince Vampire's lost all his memories the next day! How should she do this pretty boy?


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TitleThe Adorable Vampire
AlternativeThis Vampire Is a Bit Cute
Author Cheese Cat - Tiao Geng (Spoon)
Genres Fantasy, Josei, Romance,

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