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The Cursed Thief Manhwa

An Tu Sheng
Manhwa Comedy
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The Cursed Thief Manhwa is a Korean Comic created by An Tu Sheng and was first published on Jan 1 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read The Cursed Thief Manga because it has Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery genres.

Synopsis The Cursed Thief Manhwa

A beautiful young girl named Xiao Zhou decides to embark on an adventure to see the world.

On her way out at night, she drowns in the lake due to her clumsiness.

Fortunately, a mysterious boy with a mask comes to save her.

The Cursed Thief. A boy suffers from "Heartbroken Symptom", making him unable to learn martial arts and was doomed to die before reaching the age of 25. After ten years remaining unknown in the country, he returned to the capital. He removed the mask at night, put on the armor reflecting moonlight, and transformed into Baiguyi. What awaited him on Earth?


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TitleThe Cursed Thief
Alternative白骨衣, TCT
AuthorAn Tu Sheng
Genres Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery,

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