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Synopsis The Descendant Of The Dynasty Manhwa

Long ago, the Egyptians attacked the land of Amehs and killed the king. Fortunately, before this tragedy occurred, the king sent his two only daughters to safety. However, on their way out, Pastana was seperated from her younger sister Kanishia. Pastana was forced to flee without saving her or be doomed to die.13 years later, Pastana has become the proud queen of a reviving and thriving nation of Amehs, a nation that grows stronger against Egypt every day. She encounters an Egyptian noble lady who is the daughter of the general who killed her father. Strangely, she looks exactly like how Kanishia would have looked at this age. It couldn't really be her.. Or could it?

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Cover The Descendant Of The Dynasty
Comic Title The Descendant Of The Dynasty
Type Manhwa
Genre action, fantasy, romance, shoujo, drama, mystery, tragedy, manhwa, historical,
Author Hwang Mi-Ri
Status ongoing
Views 5 K
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