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The Impermanence Manhua is a Chinese Comic created by Nofi and was first published on Jan 1 2016. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read The Impermanence Manga because it has Action, Fantasy, Shounen genres.

Synopsis The Impermanence Manhua

The boy Zu Huaixuan was born and raised in an orphanage.

He signs a deal with Yi Yang Shigong to travel to the underworld to become a good spirit cop in the army of God

His main goal is to save a teacher who's very important to him.

The Impermanence. 「White Impermanence」 is an existence that guards the balance of hell and earth. Zu Huaixua, a boy who grew up in the orphanage, signs a contract with Yi Yang Shigong and becomes the noble 「White Impermanence」 in the underworld army in order to revitalize his important teacher, Moli. Unprecedented, thrilling and terrifying, Formosa's story about monsters begin!


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TitleThe Impermanence
AlternativeWuchang Gui
Genres Action, Fantasy, Shounen,

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