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The Secret She Keeps. Yi Ruo Shui, raised in a wealthy family in her previous life, was a traditionally obedient girl who was fond of music and skilled in playing piano. Being an innocent and unsophisticated girl at that time, she never doubted anyone, nor did she ever guard against her friends or lover, which, however, only brought her constant disasters. Yi Ruo Shui died in the fire several years later, being blindsided again, she was resurrected with the aid of death and returned to piano competition day. Much like the phoenix nirvana, Yi Ruo Shui reached a mature and knowledgeable nirvana of its own. She plays right her own cards and moves on a revenge path that is packed with affection, hate, joy and sadness.

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Cover The Secret She Keeps
Comic Title The Secret She Keeps
Type Manhua
Genre Drama, Romance, Webtoon,
Author Updating
Status Ongoing
Views 8k
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