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Bian Li Jun - 卞丽君
Manhua Comedy
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The Special Girl Manhua is a Chinese Comic created by Bian Li Jun - 卞丽君 and was first published on Jan 4 2020. Make sure you are more than 15 years old before Read The Special Girl Manga because it has Comedy, Fantasy, Romance genres.

Synopsis The Special Girl Manhua

During a live stream of her ascension, top-searched star Nan Qiao'er is turned into a cheeky imp.

And the mighty Demon Lord has picked her up.

It serves as a carnival shield

The Special Girl. Nan Qiao'er, The Celestial Realm's ever-popular, top-searched celebrity ... Transformed into a cheeky little imp in front of thousands during a live stream of her ascent! And even the mighty Demon Lord picked her up ... Is it a meat shield to serve!? Thanks to goodness mini-Qiao'er still retain her angular appearance. Now all she has to do is firmly hold on the Demon Lord, and make puppy-dog eyes to beg for her life ...


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TitleThe Special Girl
AlternativeQiao'er Is Naughty
Author Bian Li Jun - 卞丽君
Genres Comedy, Fantasy, Romance,

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