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tomo-chan wa onnanoko!. the tightest bros you'd ever see are tomo aizawa and junichirou "jun" kubota. they are roughhouse and spar but they have each other's back across thick and thin. yet there is only one small issue: tomo's in love with jun! tomboyish tomo has been just another of the guys since she was young; because of his intense muscle-brained disposition, jun doesn't hear any of her advances — not even when she clearly admits. to add insult to injury, he didn't even know she was a female for the longest time. onnanoko tomo-chan wa. join tomo and her friends' comic hijinks as she attempts to catch jun's eye and avoid the notorious brozone.

Information About Tomo-chan Wa Onnanoko!

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Cover Tomo-chan Wa Onnanoko!
Comic Title Tomo-chan Wa Onnanoko!
Type Manga
Genre comedy, romance, school life, shounen,
Author yanagida fumita
Status completed
Views 24 K
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