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vagabond. shinmen takezou is a wild, rugged young man in japan of the 16th century, in both his appearance and his acts. his violent nature has won him over his village's mutual reproach and apprehension, leading him and his best friend, matahachi honiden, to run away in search of something greater than provincial life. the pair enlists in the toyotomi army, desirous of glory — but when the toyotomi suffer a crushing defeat at the sekigahara war by the tokugawa clan, the friends barely make it alive. upon separation of the two, shinmen returns home on a self-appointed mission to alert matahachi's survival to the hon'iden kin. instead, he finds himself a wanted suspect, framed for the alleged murder of his friend based on his violent past. he is strung up on a tree after being caught, and is left to die. an itinerant monk, the revered takuan soho, takes pity on the "devil child," secretly freeing shinmen and christening him with a new name to discourage the authorities from pursuing him: musashi miyamoto. vagabond is a historical retelling of the life of one of japan's most famous swordsmen, the "sword saint" musashi miyamoto — his rise from a swordsman with no other ambition but to become "invincible under the heavens" to an enlightened warrior who gradually learns of the importance of close friends, self-reflection, and life itself.

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Cover Vagabond
Comic Title Vagabond
Type Manga
Genre action, adventure, drama, historical, martial arts, mature, psychological, seinen,
Author inoue takehiko - yoshikawa eiji
Status 1
Views 37 K
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