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velvet kiss. shin nitta returns home to enjoy the best moment of his career, after winning the lottery and securing a job in a prestigious company. but his elation turns into fear the next morning, when his loan agent unexpectedly tells him of his enormous debt. with no prospect of paying off its creditors, the distraught shin is given an alternative: friends with a beautiful girl named kanoko kikuchiya, whom he had met in a business meeting earlier. thinking it would be a simple task, shin accepts the offer, but little did he know about the true nature of kanoko as a rich, lusty girl who at every moment demands his company. a hapless salaryman in velvet kiss has to climb his way out of debt by appeasing a rich temptress who thirsts for sexual intimacy. when the relationship between the two transcends from a simple friendship they begin to learn the secrets of each other and the truth behind their fateful encounter.

Information About Velvet Kiss

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Cover Velvet Kiss
Comic Title Velvet Kiss
Type Manga
Genre action, adult, comedy, cooking, drama, ecchi, romance, seinen, smut,
Author harumi chihiro
Status completed
Views 35 K
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