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Versailles No Bara. To become her father's successor as Palace Guards' leader, a girl named Oscar François de Jarjayes is raised as a man. Being a skilled fighter with a deep sense of justice, Oscar is proud of her life, but she's torn between class loyalty and her desire to support the poor as revolt brews among the marginalized lower classes. Beside that, she faces conflicts regarding her desire to live as both a soldier and a normal woman, moreover her relationships with Marie Antoinette, Count Axel von Fersen, and best friend André Grandier. Raised from birth as a man, the Lady Oscar commands the palace guards at Versailles in the years before the French Revolution. Her beauty and noble spirit make her a shining figure in the eyes of both men and women but she is torn between her chosen life of service and duty to class and country and her own heart and desires. She lives as a noble amidst the opulence of Versailles but her keen senses and compassion are not blinded to the poverty of the French people.

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Cover Versailles No Bara
Comic Title Versailles No Bara
Type Manga
Genre Action, Drama, Gender Bender, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy,
Author Ikeda Riyoko
Status Completed
Views 552x
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