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witchcraft works. takamiya honoka, is a normal student whose only issue seems to be that he sits next to kagari ayaka, the # 1 beauty of the school. we have never before crossed paths and even a minor touch between them leads to her fan club beating him. even when a dropping part of the building of the school is about to take him to the afterlife, it was she who came to his rescue. she was dressed as a witch, however, using a princess to hold him in her arms as she floated on a broom. using her fire magic she manages to shield him until the attempt on his life ends. she informs him that it is her duty to protect him, and that now she can finally protect him completely (she has used various methods to "undercover" him). why was takamiya attacked and who asked kagari to protect him? why does she refer to him as "my princess" and what is her fan club going to do to him now that she will be close to him openly?

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Cover Witchcraft Works
Comic Title Witchcraft Works
Type Manga
Genre action, comedy, fantasy, romance, school life, seinen, supernatural,
Author mizunagi ryuu
Status ongoing
Views 3 K
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