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yamikin ushijima-kun. for those who are desperate for cash, drowning in vice and debt, and having no other means of lawfully attaining money, one is eligible for an absurd offer: a cash loan with a 50 percent interest rate to be paid back in 10 days. this is the service provided by kaoru ushijima, the "original shark." ushijima aims to be the former, to work in the black market and to give loans to those he knows can't afford the principal, let alone the mounting interest, in a world in which he claims one can't survive without either profiting or being exploited. he plans to get every yen he gives out to be paid back in full though. yamikin ushijima-kun watches ushijima as he wrests his dues from his customers and assumes all his customers are undeserving of his love. whether it's prostitution, identity theft, or extorsion, there's no misery ushijima doesn't want to put his customers through as he travels the underworld.

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Cover Yamikin Ushijima-kun
Comic Title Yamikin Ushijima-kun
Type Manga
Genre action, drama, mature, mystery, psychological, seinen,
Author manabe shohei
Status 99
Views 3 K
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