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Synopsis Yanki-kun To Megane-chan Manga

yanki-kun to megane-chan. hiding in the school bathroom, daichi shinagawa hated the fact that an irritating presence — the class monitor hana adachi — unexpectedly threatens his peaceful high school life. unfortunately for the delinquent, the eccentric adachi enters the male washroom without hesitation and quickly discovers his hiding place. going on a field trip with his classmates is the least of shinagawa concerns but its the one thing adachi insisted on. no matter what, she insists that everyone in the class, including the reluctant shinagawa, should take part in. to make matters worse, despite his constant refusal, adachi continued to follow him even after school. however, after encountering two pickpockets, shinagawa soon discovers that adachi has an unexpected side, and that soon finds school life chaotic, filled with her inescapable antics. daichi shinagawa peaceful high school life has an irritating presence, the class monitor hana adachi. despite his constant refusal, adachi continued to follow him even after class. but after an unpleasant encounter with a couple of thieves, he discover her real character.

Information About Yanki-kun To Megane-chan

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Cover Yanki-kun To Megane-chan
Comic Title Yanki-kun To Megane-chan
Type Manga
Genre action, comedy, romance, school life, shounen,
Author yoshikawa miki
Status completed
Views 1 K
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