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yankee jk no ijou na aijou. kazuyoshi katou is an author of manga, and a virgin of 24 years. one day, the 16-year-old yankee lyla nikaidou takes his money after bumping into a high school girl and then punctures him as he looks at her underwear. as if his life couldn't get more complicated, lyla later shows up with a manga manuscript at his job! but all of this is about sex?! how is virgin katou going to deal with being the editor of such a brash and sexy high school yankee girl?

Information About Yjk's Unusual Affection

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Cover Yjk's Unusual Affection
Comic Title Yjk's Unusual Affection
Type Manga
Genre comedy, drama, ecchi, romance, seinen, shounen,
Author kou takahashi
Status ongoing
Views 1 K
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