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Yu-Gi-Oh. Yuugi loves the Millennium Puzzle, an ancient Egyptian artifact brought to his grandfather's game shop. Believing that he wants to solve the puzzle, he completes the puzzle, unlocking a new identity within him — the spirit of the "King of Games." Dark, twisted, powerful, and trustworthy, the very opposite of Yuugi is the new personality called Yami Yuugi. Yami Yuugi takes over the body of Yuugi in the face of any injustice against him and pushes the opponent into a "Shadow Game." The stakes are high because anyone who loses gets a taste of darkness inside their own hands.

Information About Yu-Gi-Oh

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Cover Yu-Gi-Oh
Comic Title Yu-Gi-Oh
Type Manga
Genre Action, Adult, Comedy, Fantasy, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural,
Author Takahashi Kazuki
Status Completed
Views 3k
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